Meet the team.

Chris Parnin


Chris is an assistant professor at NC State University. He operates ninlabs research, which features popular research articles such as "Programmer, Interrupted".

Christoph Treude

Research Design

Christoph is a researcher at DIMAp/UFRN. When he is not sailing or herding cows, he studies the role of social media artifacts, such as tags, blogs, or Q&A's sites such as Stack Overflow, in collaborative software development.

Christopher Corley

Experiment Operations

Christopher is a Phd candidate at University of Alabama and researcher at ABB. He studies the application of natural language processing and text retrieval on source code. His cat helps him mask the pain of having lived in Alabama.

Our vision.

Research in software engineering needs to reconnect with developers and practice. Compared to psychology or medical studies, the amount of research involving actual developers is small. Understandably, reaching out to busy developers is not easy. But unfortunately this leads to situations where research becomes disconnected from reality. For instance, in 50 years of debugging tool research, only 5 studies on tools have been done with human subjects. When more deeply evaluated, it turns out many assumptions were completely wrong. We want to make it easier for researchers and developers to stay in touch so something like this doesn't happen again.